Jehan Madhani is a writer and artist working in children's media. She's currently a staff writer at 9 Story Media Group, where she has most recently worked on Karma's World and Blue's Clues and You. She's written for Netflix, Nick Jr., PBS, Apple TV+, and more. 

Jehan was the recipient of the Lee & Low 2020 New Voices Honor for her original picture book manuscript, and was a fellow in the inaugural classes of the Sesame Street Writer's Room Fellowship and the Muslim Public Affair Council's Children's Screenwriting Workshop. She's determined to write for audiences that don't always see themselves on screens, and to tell stories rooted in and celebrating our unique cultures. 

She spends her free time... writing books for kids, but when she's not doing that, she draws comics at @jehancomic and talks about movies with her high school best friend. Actually, it's unclear if she actually has free time, but you can find out: For more information on her work, to contact her regarding employment opportunities, or to say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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