From A to Zenon 

Avery and I have spent fifteen years of friendship hanging out, talking about movies, and being a little too invested in the Disney Channel! And now you can join us! Celebrate everybody's favorite made-for-tv children's movies with us! (If you don't have Apple Podcasts, you can listen on Soundcloud!)

EP 15: Buckle Up, We're Back At Camp! (Camp Rock 2)

To mark reaching a year back at it, we knew we needed a very special episode! And what's more special than returning to our favorite camp... Camp Rock! Join Avery, Jehan, and Adam in celebrating a year working together with Camp Rock 2!

EP 14: Team Naniloa's Ghost (Rip Girls)

Avery and Jehan DIVE into a movie that explores inheritance, culture, family, heritage, and why you can't trust just anyone to raise your kids!

EP 13: Our Spunky Girl (Cadet Kelly)

Happy Pride Month! This month we're talking about the iconic movie that ignited many millennials' queer awakening...CADET KELLY! Join us as we discuss the genius that is Hilary Duff and why this movie is on the DCOM Mount Rushmore!

EP 12: Jehan and Avery Push It to the Limit (Jump In)

Are you ready to hear all about the 2007 Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer DCOM classic? Well then... Jump In! We're here to Push It to the Limit as we talk about a DCOM with a bumpin' soundtrack that gets the crowd... jumpin'!

EP 11: Big Feelings (Lemonade Mouth)

Join Avery and Jehan as they talk about Lemonade Mouth (2011), a gauntlet of a DCOM musical. This movie is a long one! And so is this ep! These kids have some big feelings, guess they needed a big movie to get em all out.

Ep 10: This Is Our Winter Olympics (Cloud 9)

Join Avery and Jehan as they talk about Cloud 9, a 2014 DCOM with a little of that Hallmark Movie flavor. (It's also a sports movie and a rom com? What can't she do?!)

Ep 9: Paging the Snowsuit Guys! (Minutemen)

Join Avery and Jehan as they discuss the all important minutes in time (and the all important floppy-haired boys of Disney Channel's Minutemen (2008)).

Ep 8: Jehan’s Indoctrination into the American Military Industrial Complex

Jehan and Avery are back for a new year of DCOMs and they're kicking off the year with a trip to 2014 with How to Build a Better Boy!

EP 7: Avery and Jehan's Ultimate Christmas Present (The Ultimate Christmas Present)

Happy Holidays from all of us at From A to Zenon! We're here with our holiday special and as the ultimate christmas present from us to y'all... it's a long one! Let's talk about 2000's The Ultimate Christmas Present and see if Jehan can stay on task with what she did not yet know was a case of bronchitis!

Ep 6: The Cool Cats and the Hot Dogs (Alley Cats Strike)

Avery and Jehan are back with another DCOM! Join us as we discuss our personal favorite made for television bowling movie, Alleycats Strike.

Ep 5: Disney Channel's Halloween Indie (Phantom Of The Megaplex)

Disney Channel has a lot of wonderful and celebrated Halloween movies. This week, for our Halloween episode, Avery and Jehan are talking about one of Disney Channel's lesser known spooky movies-- Phantom of the Megaplex!

Ep 4: Boldness is An Underappreciated Trait in Women (Spin)

In a From A to Zenon first, Avery & Jehan take on a brand new Disney Channel Original Movie, Spin-- the first with an Indian American lead!

Ep 3: The Suburbs Are A State Of Mind (Stuck in the Suburbs)

After three years away, Avery and Jehan are back with episode 3! We're older, wiser, and we've missed all of you! Let's talk Stuck in the Suburbs!

Ep 2: What is Mitchie Short For??? (Camp Rock)

We're back with Episode 2! This time we're talking about Camp Rock, the movie that first brought us pop sensation Demi Lovato!

Ep 1: Mother Knows Best (Smart House)

Welcome to the first episode of From A to Zenon, a podcast all about Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs). This episode focuses on Smart House (1999), a film about Ben, a 13 year-old boy who wins the house of the future! 

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